Fabrication, Specialty Services & DIY Assistance

For individuals performing their own restoration work at home, we offer the following services to assist you with your project

Paint Work

Our paint jobs are one of our signature services. As such, we will only paint a car if we perform the underlying prep work. This could include rust repair, filler work, primer, sanding,etc. Our paint work is guaranteed for the life of your car! Call us to discuss you paint needs.

Interior Wood Repair/Refinishing

Our craftsmen can refinish or recreate the interior wood for virtually any car. We can also produce custom pieces of trim in exotic woods with a variety of finishes.

Soft Tops Installed

We have installed new tops on a variety of vehicles. Call us to discuss your needs

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our shop has a full featured Metal Working Area. Our skilled Craftsmen can make almost anything.

Spray Thermal Metalizing

We utilize a process called Spray Thermal Metalizing in lieu of lead. It is a process in which molten metal (silicone bronze, aluminum, zinc, etc) is literally sprayed onto the metal surface of the car forming a physical bond with the metal around it. It can then be ground smooth in preparation for filler or primer.